CH!LLMN8ION vol.1 (only Eno Chillight Mix)

4/09/2012 OGAWA HIROSHI 0 Comments

01.Brian Eno - Final Sunset
02.Brian Eno and Harold Budd - First Light
03.Brian Eno - Slow Water
04.Brian Eno and Harold Budd - A Stream With Bright Fish
05.Brian Eno - Strange Light
06.Brian Eno and Harold Budd - Against The Sky
07.Brian Eno - From The Hame Hill
08.Brian Eno - Riverside
09.Brian Eno - Two Rapid Formations
10.Brian Eno - Quartz
11.Brian Eno and Harold Budd - Above Chiangmai
12.Brian Eno & Laraaji - Meditation #2
13.Brian Eno - Innocenti
14.Brian Eno - Markgraph
15.Brian Eno and Harold Budd - An Echo Of Night
16.Brian Eno - Cavallino
17.Brian Eno - A Clearing
18.Brian Eno - Events In Dense Fog
19.Brian Eno - Caught between
20.Brian Eno - Going Unconscious
21.Brian Eno - Triennale

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